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Manufacturing Plant, Commercial Establishment, Poultry Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Stanisław Stępień exists since 1991. At first it executed only manufacturing profile of the company that includes purchasing of chickens and slaughtering the poultry.
As compared with other countries in the European Union, Poland has been showing the highest dynamics that is generated by a high profile of our food industry all over the world. Good economic situation contributed to our decision to extend our plant, introduce new technologies and extend the coverage of the company with Meat Processing Department and ready-to-cook food.

From the beginning of the existence, the company draws the closest attention to the huge importance of the top quality of the offered foods. In 2005 control system “HACAP” was introduced, which made it possible for the company to export the products to other European markets.

Technical and technological solutions adopted by the company according to Good Manufacturing Practice GMP and Good Hygiene Practice guarantee manufacture of healthy food as well as top quality of the product.

The company manufactures cold meat in over a 100 of stocks. Delicious roasted meats and meats covered with herbs- are prepared according to traditional Polish recipes. The company has modern smoking chambers that use traditional methods of smoking with the employment of wood from broadleaved trees.

Due to constantly rising expectations of the customers, as well as due to obligations connected with the foregoing brand of our products, we are constantly updating our machinery to provide access to the newest technologies and innovative solutions in the meat and cold meat industry.

Our main asset is the production of healthy food that we recommend especially to our youngest customers i.e. infants and children. Polish poultry and cold meat, thanks to their top quality and taste, have a worldwide popularity.

Since 2014 our company, previously named ZPH POULTRY SLAUHGTER HOUSE AND MEAT PROCESSING STANISŁAW STĘPIEŃ, has changed its brand to DARIWELT with a chain of stores called „ŚNEŻYNKA” that has refreshed the company’s image.

It is not easy to provide fresh cold meats and meats in the large-format stores and hypermarkets. Therefore we want to meet the expectations of our clients, as well as fulfill the obligations that result from your constant trust earned throughout the last 20 years of our activity, and call your attention to the fresh, and occasionally still warm product.

Our company for almost a quarter of a century has been working to gain the approval of our clients. Unique taste, guaranteed quality and law number of chemicals in our meats and cold meats are the reason why our clients keep coming back.

Our motto - Healthy cold meats and Polish chickens for your child -